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    I think it is time for Randolph to be given an extended run in the team. He has performed every time that he is called upon and never let us down. The same cannot be said for Adrian in recent games. I believe it is now time to get Randolph his chance for more than just a game here and there, a proper run in the side. The point of having two good goalkeepers is that when one doesn’t perform the other challenges him and takes his place…. This needs to happen now!

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    After the International break we do have some big games coming up, Tottenham, Man Utd twice and Arsenal in the mix too.

    Adrian like Payet has been a bit off color…we have seen Adrian make some strange and silly decisions this season which has cost us valuable points…but he has also made some remarkable saves too.

    In my opinion its hard to call who is the better keeper however I believe Randolph has better organisational command of his back line hence he performs at a very high level.

    Randolph has done enough to get a chance of starring in our league games, maybe the Cup game against Man Utd will be the match that Bilic decides.

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      I agree mate. It is a very tough call but I think Randolph really deserves a run at the side now because he hasn’t had that opportunity and it is hard to play well with odd games here and there. So imagine what he could with a run

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    Randolph has to be given the number one spot.
    He doesn’t take chances, play around in the box or occasionally make poor clearances or passes.
    He doesn’t over rate himself either. He is a solid, no nonsense keeper. We need stability not flamboyance.

    That equates to Randolph in goal as the No.1 keeper.

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    Totally agree, have been saying the same on another forum.
    Adrian is a bit of a Greeno, great shot stopper but weak in the air.
    Randolph deserves his chance, he’s been excellent, plus I think he brings more confidence to the defence as a whole.

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    Ben Cooper

    Yes Randy deserves a go, but does Adrian deserve to be dropped? Maybe he does, at least with Randy its no nonsense goalkeeping.

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    Craig Podevin

    Adrian has made too many mistakes this year I think and Randolph in general makes me feel more comfortable as his distribution is a bit better and he seems more in command of the defence. Adrian seems to argue a lot with Reid/Collins, or at least they tend to get the ump with each other quite a bit.

    I’d start Randolph for a few games and give Adrian the cup games for a little while, if Randolph does well in the league I see no reason why we should go back to Adrian as our league goalkeeper.

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    I think dropping Adrian and potentially letting him leave over poor form at the beginning of the season would be a tragedy. Adrian has been a great keeper over the years and multiple times stood out as one of the best in the league. Yes, he can be a bit extra sometimes, but that’s personality and it makes him a great player and fun to watch. If Randolph was head and shoulders above Adrian this wouldn’t be a debate, but he’s not. Adrian deserves more support than this and definitely deserves to be our starting keeper. If we dropped every player that performed badly in the beginning of the season we’d have no defense

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    At present it has to be Randolph. He’s one of the best keepers in the league right now. He’s stood up to be counted where Adrian (who I rate highly) hasn’t. Maybe distracted by interest or contract issues. They need to be pushing each other again like last season.

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