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    Ben Cooper

    So it seems that Sam Allardyce is interviewing and is the favourite for the England job. If he lands the job, does this mean that the team will play effective (but dull) football? Would you care? It seemed to work for Portugal recently.

    Does it also mean that our very own Mark Noble will finally get the international recognition he so clearly deserves?

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    Viva Kevin Nolan.

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      Ben Cooper

      From the mean streets of Leyton to leading England to world cup glory! What a story that would be.

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    might work in west hams favour if Big Sam is in the mix. He has worked with Carroll, Creswell and Noble so they might all be in with a better chance plus Antonio. For some reason the owl just bypassed any west ham player

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    Noble will at least get a look in. Antonio too (if he’s played as a winger by Bilic) whilst Carroll if fit seems to have Big Sam written all over him. Cresswell is probably not at the level required yet, but who knows.

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    I think if big Sam gets the job some of our boys may get a chance and theyll be more passion but they’ll only end up in same boat as every tournament Allardyce isn’t good enough to beat the big boys tactically and it’ll be same old story. Hopefully who ever gets picked will pick players on form and fitness not by club and name.
    On the FA’s track record I’m sure they’ll manage to mess it up though.

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    Ben Cooper

    It’s done. Congratulations to Big Sam.

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    I have a huge dislike of our previous manager, so much so I refuse to even type his name. Couldn’t stand him at West Ham and couldn’t wait til he left.

    However, if England were going to choose an English manager and I’m a massive believer that all international managers should be natives, then it is hard to find someone else.

    I think our rotund previous employee wasn’t great in the transfer market, it is my belief that he all too often chose what was best for him personally rather than the club (not saying some worked out well). But an England manager doesn’t touch the transfer market.

    I don’t think he is a good coach or good at bringing youth through, but again I don’t think an England manager needs to be a good coach or even care too much about youth. Players at that level should come fully coached.

    An international manager needs to be able to organise and needs to be thick skinned enough not to worry about big players egos or whether he will upset them or not.

    The two things this man is, is an organiser and thick skinned. For this these two reasons alone I feel he is as qualified as any Englishman to take charge of the international team. Plus I don’t pay money to be bored by England, so the style of play won’t bother me.

    The only downside to his appointment is that it will make him happy and like an ex wife would treated you like mud, but moves on to a better paid, better looking bloke, it is a kick in the guts – you just look forward to the time they have problems and he dumps her.

    Bitter? me?…

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