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    after last nights disappointing start to our Europa campaign, I think its clear we need a minimum of 3 player but 5 is ideally what we would need to bring balance and depth to our squad.

    The first 3 and the most important 3 to me are 2 Strikers & a Left back. Even with Cresswell our LB position was sorely lacking cover and with Cresswell out for 4 months now it is possibly to most important position to fill. Two of the names thrown around at the moment are Olsson and Gibbs Id be delighted with both and feel they would offer great competition even when cresswell returns.
    Secondly is the two strikers we need, everyone know the long (and getting longer) journey we’ve been on for strikers and we finally seem close to securing a loan deal for Calleri, however he is meant to be going to the Olympics with Argentina and this is why we need at least one other striker. For me I feel Ben yedder would be a excellent addition with his pace much like Vardy he can get in behind and trouble teams and also I can see him partnering up nicely with Carroll.

    In addition to those 3 players I feel the squad would still ideally need 2 more players to bring better balance. firstly and I sure most will agree a right back. Antiono I feel can do a job there and against some side will be devastating especially at home, but we cant play a RB that thinks hes a winger week in week out. Byram to me has looked good every time I’ve seen him and on his debut when Jenkinson limped of was as good a Cresswell. The question is does Bilic see him as his first choice, for be I’d be happy to see Byram start week in week out with cover provided by Antionio but if Bilic doesn’t think Byrams ready then we cant have Antionio starting every week at RB.
    the 5th and final player I feel would round off the squad is (again) a striker lets presume for one minute we sign calleri and ben yedder who I spoke of earlier, calleri is away at Olympics and let imagine (not to difficult to) Carroll picks up a knock we yet again are left with 1 striker! This is why I feel we need the 4 1st team striker. Personally Id try for either Bony, Mandzukic or benteke all know where the goal is and non of them are first choice at the current clubs. I know some will say what about Fletcher and Martinez but they were bought with the development squad in mind, great if there are ready to step up at some point this season but we don’t want to rely or put more pressure on them at this early stage.

    So for me critical to the success of this season we need at least a LB, 2x St and idealy on top of that a RB and another striker. thoughts and opinions please.

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    The key to whom we bring in or what we bring in depends whether Payet stays or goes.Its obvious we lack strength in depth,and could do with between 5 or six top class players.We have done some shrewd business to date,I can see Benteke coming during the last week of August.When reality will set in for both Liverpool and Benteke,then they will have to drop their demands.I can see Sullivan getting his man for about 20m.Hopefully we will see the arrival of Jonathan Calleri on loan as well as Andre Ayew.We could still do with Bacca or someone like him.A attacking midfielder,a left back as well as a right back.Im not convinced about either goalkeeper personally. Then we have The Dimtri Payet question.Its a win -win situation in my book. Many will scream blue murder at the prospect of him leaving.”We are not a selling club “Will be the cry !The truth is we are ALL selling clubs !Spurs selling Bale and Man Utd selling Ronaldo are to classic eg.The key thing is selling for top dollar and reinvesting in the team.Lets say it like it is here.Dimtri Payet had the season of his life last season.At 30 years of age he is highly unlikely to repeat that next season.Its fair to say his performances tailed off during the second half of last season.I really like the guy,but but if we manage to sell him for between £50m and 60m.Its for Auld Lang Syne Dimtri and off he goes !No need to fear,great days lay ahead for our great club !We are more than a football club !We’re a way of life !COYI !!!’

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