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    Craig Podevin

    With the press reporting left right and centre that Conte wants Cahill and Ivanovic out of his team, how would West Ham fans feel like taking them both on board?

    I think that Cahill would be a fantastic permanent signing in January and one that would most likely get very good value for. He’s 30 years old so realistically has the next 2 seasons playing well, maybe 3 or 4 if we were lucky. And because of his age, we could maybe buy him for £12-16m? My opinion is that he and Ogbonna playing centre back would really make our central defence solid and he can play a ball out too (watch him against us and he absolutely loves pinging it).

    Ivanovic could be a loan from January to the end of the season, with a £2m fee and his wages maybe partially covered? If nobody was interested permanently (which again, because of his age I don’t think many clubs would want to spend big fees and wages) I would definitely take him on loan to sort out the RB issue, and I think he’s a class RB.

    Anyone else agree with my opinion? Or would you avoid these 2?

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    Yes a million times for Cahill, solid English CB, a dying breed. Dunno about Ivanovic though, bit slow for our style.

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      Craig Podevin

      I think with Ivanovic I’d like him because he’s solid. If he stays back, that gives Antonio more freedom going forward and not having to track back AS much. Recently he hasn’t been tracking back much anyway, so maybe Ivanovic could help him stay forward.

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    I would take both without a doubt. Ivanovic I have always been a fan of can play RB & CB. If we could get both that would be fantastic business’s however waged would be a problem.

    Issa Diop a 19 year CB from toulouse would be my ideal replacement for Collins. He is 6ft4, fast, good in the air & a solid tackler. He reads the game beyond his years too. Would be a perfect player to boost our defence & create a long lasting partnership with Oxford.

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      Thats if Oxford stays. He’s off in Jan, bet your house on that!

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