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    we need a change for Saturday that’s for sure. we need either nordvelt or obaing sitting in front of the centre backs, payet to play in the middle because out wide he doesn’t track back stick lanzini out wide, maybe Randolph in goal, hopefully we might see Martinez on the bench

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    Drop the whole team lol!

    Nah you are right, need a shake up. Randolph in for sure. And Ox, give the youth a go, whats the worst that can happen!

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    Changes definitely are needed but think it should be more tactical than personnel

    Adrian has made a few mistakes but so would any keeper with the terrible defensive displays in front of him. I like Randolph but think it would be an awful decision to drop Adrian for now.

    I change shape so that Zaza has someone playing with him and get them to work on their movement so as to create gaps in the defence like we were seeing last season when Sakho played. Rather than a lone Zaza with crosses coming into him.

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    I wish to see more of Martinez! lots of goals in u23 league

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