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    Ben Cooper

    I think this game is probably the only one I would be tempted to write off before kick off. They look so much more dangerous under Pep and I struggle to think how we will cope with their attacking threat. However, we are West Ham United and if the team go up there with concentration and without fear they could definitely get something out of the game. Our recent record against city is encouraging. Its the ‘west ham way’ to bounce back from embarrassment with an unexpected win. COME ON YOU IRONS.

    The team,

    I would have.

    Adrian, Byram, Collins, Ogbonna Masuaku, Antonio, Obiang,Kouyate, Noble, Lanzini (if fit enough, Tore if not) Calleri

    I know three defence minded midfielders is a bit negative but I think we should try to suppress city and catch them on the break. Plus two of them can sit back giving freedom to the third. Kouyate showed he suits the free role with his brace against Domazale.

    Heart: 2:1 West Ham
    Head: 1:1

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    Craig Podevin

    I’m afraid to say I agree with you when it comes to writing us off before kick-off, I’m worried this game could be over in the first 15 minutes.

    Collins has always been quite comfortable against star strikers, he’s pocketed Aguero and Suarez multiple times in the last few seasons among others. Ogbonna should also play because he reads the game and is much more technical and composed than Reid in my opinion.

    Byram made his debut against City at home last year and looked very comfortable, so I don’t see why he couldn’t perform again but I’m unsure about Masuaku although he does seem like a solid player. The important thing is that all the players are energetic and are ready to be chasing the ball throughout the game. When we do have possession we need to make it count, which is why we really need Lanzini back for a bit of creative flair.

    I agree with your line-up, I think Noble and Obiang could sit back while giving Kouyate the free-roam role, when he gets and runs with the ball he really pushes everyone else forward with him. Tore needs to be a lot more energetic, I feel that he’s lazy most of the time.

    Calleri will hopefully find his feet and get his first goal today, although I can’t see us doing very well and I’d be surprised if we did score.#

    For them, Nolito and Sterling have been striving on Pep’s new system plus obviously Aguero has been as prolific as ever.

    We can hope! Come on you irons!

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    I personally disagree with the nagativity team selection as payet has a chance of still playing and antonio can certainly cause trouble and run his heart out, I would play fletcher as he has no fear and he’s a massive goal threat so why not let’s go for it rather than playing nagative and loosing anyway?

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