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    Yesterday our chairman underwent a surgical procedure on his heart and as posted by his son’s on twitter he was back to work in the recovery room. The man literally never stops he is West Ham through and through. He is even hoping to be at the game tomorrow.

    I have seen over the years he has received a lot of stick and for me no surgery on your heart is small so for a man in his 60s to show that sort of dedication is fantastic. We are lucky to him as our chairman. Things will only get better for us.

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    Ben Cooper

    Agreed but it is slightly concerning. It would be terrible if he does himself harm by not resting enough.
    Not many clubs have fans on the board, we are very fortunate in that respect.

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    I totally agree that he is dedicated and quite obviously works very hard and it is great having a man and family that really do have the best interests of the club at heart. I don’t always agree with his decisions but even when I don’t I can’t deny he has the best interests of the club in mind which is the main thing you want in an owner.

    The photo however – pretty obviously to me that it was a staged bit of fun.

    Either way I concur with Ben, I hope he takes docs advice and rests properly.

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