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    Craig Podevin

    On an image I’ve seen floating around on Twitter a couple of times, these are the ratings for the West Ham squad in FIFA 17. Of course at the moment it is only in the beta stage and can still change, but what does everybody think of these?

    Adrian – 78
    Antonio – 75
    Reid – 80
    Ogbonna – 79
    Byram – 71
    Noble – 77
    Kouyate – 76
    Feghouli – 81
    Lanzini – 78
    Payet – 83
    Carroll – 77
    Valencia – 76
    Fletcher – 56
    Tore – 79
    Obiang – 74

    In my opinion, Kouyate, Antonio and Ogbonna are all under-rated. I think Kouyate should be at least at 78, Antonio the same and if Reid is 80 then Ogbonna should be at least at 82.

    Payet was also reaching as high as 87 on FIFA 16 when form come into account, so why couldn’t they have increased his rating to around 85 this year.

    Valencia is rated 76 which I think is generous, pretty much EA & FIFA think that Valencia is as good as a striker as Kouyate is as a central midfielder, which is so wrong.

    Everyone else I think is about right, maybe Fletcher is a bit harsh but youngsters usually do get a lower rating anyway.

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your opinions too!

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