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    Craig Podevin

    Hi everyone,

    So obviously Ultimate Team is a massive part of FIFA and football in general in the gaming world. It’s probably the most popular game mode and definitely brings in the biggest profit for EA as people are buying packs almost all the time from all over the world.

    If you are looking to trade coins, buy or sell players etc. Then please feel free to comment on this part of the forum and get involved in chats about Ultimate Team. Just make sure that you include what platform your on and your gamertag/PSN ID.

    I’ve never really played Ultimate Team – mainly because I really can’t defend using ‘tactical defending’ – but if I could, I think I’d definitely build a team based in the Premier League and obviously have the one and only Dimitri Payet on the left! I saw one of my friends on there had a purple Payet card that was rated 90? It made me want to play it a little, purely because I know that it would be almost impossible to tackle him.

    Another thing that you can feel free to post is about your team – how you’ve built them, how many coins you’ve spent on them and any future plans for FIFA 17 UT. It doesn’t HAVE to be about West Ham at all, you could post all about your Millwall team if you really wanted to (but seriously who would really want a Millwall team?)

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing comments, teams and tips 🙂

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