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    OK someone had to submit this as a topic given our wealth of options, so here goes with 2nd guessing Slav’s starting 11 on Monday….
    Adrian, Fuka, Ogbonna, Reid, Antonio, Kouyate, Noble, Nordvelt, Fenghouli, Ayew, Carroll ….Payet, Collins, Byram, Obiang, Valencia, Oxford, all warming the bench.

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    As much as I’d like to debate it – I think you have it spot, that’s how I’d go anyway.

    One of the biggest improvements we have seen in the last 12 months or so is the strength in depth. You look at each position and we have at least 2 decent options, and although I think Mondays team almost picks itself, when everyone is fully fit I think Slav has some great headaches in team selection.

    GK – Adrian/Randolph.

    LB – Fuka/Cresswell

    CB – Reid, Collins, Ogbonna, Burke, Oxford

    RB – Byram/Antonio. Probably our weakest position but still not losing sleep over it, especially as Fuka can play there too I think?

    CM – Nordvelt, Kouyate, Obiang, Noble

    AM – Payet, Tore, Feghouli, Ayew, Antonio if needed

    FW – Carroll, Ayew, Sakho, Valencia, Fletcher

    I don’t remember a squad with so many players that I wouldn’t mind in the starting 11. The times, they are a changing…

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