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    Craig Podevin

    So yesterday, the Football Manager 2017 beta was released and after 2 hours, I finally got to play my first game. It was a 0-0 draw with Slavia Sofia (Bulgaria) in the Europa League… Typical West Ham.

    In this post, I’ll go through all you need to know if you are managing West Ham on FM17, along with decent signing recommendations and tactics that I have modified from last year.

    Firstly, let’s look at the squad and their ratings:
    West Ham Squad

    I think the ratings this year are quite far, unlike last year where I think they underrated a few of our players. Feghouli and Payet are exciting, but the player that has performed the best for me in my save is Pedro Obiang (funnily enough!). He runs the midfield and is also my top goalscorer with 3 goals in about 5 games.

    Next, a look at a few individuals that I feel the need to show you. Oxford is the first player I share as his potential is there for everyone to see. He’s potentially a 5 star player making him much better than any CB we currently have and therefore it’s important to expose him to a lot of first team football. For this reason I sent him out on loan and replaced him with a free agent on a 1 year deal, I’ll reveal who a bit later!
    Reece Oxford

    Fernandes is another player that excites me a bit, he has a lot of potential too and is good enough to go straight into the first team depending on the system you play. Unfortunately in my tactics he doesn’t fit well, but I’ve still played him in a few games and am training him to be able to play a role in my team.
    Edmilson Fernandes

    Obviously Payet is our best player, so I thought I’d share his stats. 18 free kicks is pretty great, too.
    I just don't think you understand

    Here’s the instructions, formation and roles that I use for our squad this year. Last year I used a false nine instead of complete forward, but I feel that Zaza and Calleri are much better used as a complete forward with SUPPORT role because this means that they will play the inside forwards a lot whilst also getting in good positions themselves.
    Formation and roles
    Best West Ham XI

    So, knowing your squad is the first thing, knowing the players you need is another. With Oxford going on loan, I wasn’t comfortable with having just Collins as an adequate back-up so I signed Ricardo Carvalho for free with a 1 year extension after 15 league games. Hopefully he won’t be needed for that many, but this gives Oxford first team exposure at another team and allows me to have a quality CB (rated 3*) to come in if needed until Reece comes back.

    Scouting screen budgets

    We have a budget of £6m and a wage budget of £60k, so after Carvalho I signed Jose Bosingwa as a back up right-back for £10k a week, however I DID NOT register him for my league squad as I already have Arbeloa. He is used strictly in cup games meaning he won’t activate his 10-game extension clause.

    The rest of the money went on getting Fosu-Mensah on loan from United & waiting to see if I need anyone in January.

    I hope this quick guide helps. I felt that every player has their preferred training and coaches set up, so I have left this out but I have signed some more coaches and a new assistant manager. The board allow an increase in coaches straight away so keep that in mind.

    Thank you for reading and please share anything you have!

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    Craig Podevin

    Who would you sign? Are there any players that you’d particularly want to see? Any tactics you’ll try when you download it? Reply to this post and I’ll upload the screenshots ASAP. 🙂

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    Mate can you post screens of other promising youngsters like Burke and Fletcher.

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    Craig Podevin

    Here are some of the youngsters:

    Ashley Fletcher:

    Toni Martinez:

    Luka Belic:
    Luka Belic

    Joe Powell:

    Martin Samuelsen:

    Josh Cullen:

    George Dobson:

    Stephen Hendrie:

    Josh Pask:

    Reece Burke:

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    Great mate, can you show some other first team players please. Cresswell, Antonio, Lanzini, Kouyate?

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    Craig Podevin

    Here are some of the first team players:

    Bare in mind that their attributes may have changed slightly due to form/training. I’m not sure why Antonio’s attributes have gone down.

    Manuel Lanzini:

    Michail Antonio:

    Andre Ayew:

    Captain fantastic, Mark Noble:

    Winston Reid:

    Aaron Cresswell:

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    How many seasons have you played?
    Which players play well? Which develop impressively?
    Both senior and youth

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      Craig Podevin

      So far, I have started a new save twice because I’ve been on the brink of being sacked both times. I can’t find a tactic that works properly, let alone effectively. As soon as I start doing well and find players that do well for us I will let you know. 🙂

      Zaza in both saves has scored a lot of goals, so that’s promising.

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        I am having the same problem, tactics seem to have had an overhaul and I am struggling to get enough chances. I ‘borrowed’ your tactics from last year and lots of crosses were coming in from the attacking full backs. they just dont seem to want to get forward as much in the new game, despite the tactics being similar.

        I am about half way though my first season, I stuck with Reece Oxford as my back up CB and he’s had a few games and is one of my best performing players. I am finding that we have too many wingers and keeping them happy is difficult so I am selling a couple coming into January, call me mad but Feghouli is going – he gets injured too much and I have got close to £20m so I am reasonably happy with the deal and will look to invest in defence and securing a top striker for next season.

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        Craig Podevin

        I noticed that my tactic from last year wasn’t working so I changed it up to a 4-2-3-1. That worked for a few games and we got some good goals but after we started losing to silly teams again I decided to give up and make a save where I can find effective tactics.

        I agree with you with the wingers, Tore seems to be a great player and he scores quite a lot for me. Antonio is really poor at heading for some reason too, he’s missed some right sitters from about 4 yards out. I hope that I find some good tactics soon and can replicate my success from FM16.

        Thanks for your reply.

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    Yeah what about injuries? Pretty much each edition there is a problem with excess of them until a patch is released, is it the case this time?

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      Craig Podevin

      There seems to be a lot of injuries in this game, quite long ones too. I’ve had a few 4-5 month ones already which is severely disappointing. Hopefully they do patch it. 🙂 I’ll post Byram’s profile in 5 minutes.

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    Please post a screen of Byram profile.


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    Nice Thread! I’m a big fan of Football Manager and have also got this years Beta.
    I have had some success trying to recreate our current set up within the game using my own blend of the 3-4-3 / 3-6-1. I haven’t gone as far as creating corner tactics or anything like that. Just setting a few Player Instructions and Team Instructions. But here are my results so far..

    Fixtures & Results

    My Tactics Overview:


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