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    Craig Podevin

    Hi everyone,

    While speaking briefly with Ex on Twitter, he recommended coming up with a Forum post about Football Manager to have discussions with other fans on the forum. I think it’s a great idea and would love to share advice, signings etc. with other West Ham fans (even if your career is with somebody else).

    As a start, in my career I’m in the 2028/29 season, I’m top of the league at the moment in December after 15 games (13 W, 1 D, 1 L) 6 points ahead of City. After all that time I’ve won 4 FA Cups, 3 Community Shields, 1 League Cup and 1 Europa League.

    I’ve had some great signings specially at the beginning when transforming us into a team that regularly finishes in the top 6 then eventually top 4. Among these, my favourites are Simone Zaza (£15.5m from Juve), Andrea Belotti (£4.4m from Roma), Adama Traore (£10.25m from Monaco) and Ludwig Augustinsson (£3.4m from Kobenhavn).

    Zaza changed the way I played up front; changing from an Advanced Forward to a Complete Forward. Zaza really thrived off being up front on his own and his complete forward role helped with this as it essentially makes them a target man-poacher. Aerially he was fantastic but he also popped up at the right place at the right time quite a lot. Antonio also provided many goals and assists to help out before getting a very long term injury and Juan Fernando Quintero also picked up a lot of assists. When Zaza was on his way out, Belotti really stepped up and filled the boots, picking up 15+ goals a season on a regular basis over 3 seasons before being sold on.

    Traore, despite not getting regular goals or assists, was just unbeatable in the middle of the field as a Roaming Playmaker. He was always picking the ball up from the defenders and spraying passes to the overlapping wing backs, the wingers and Quintero who would more often than not set up a striker.

    Augustinsson, probably my favourite of them all, was originally meant to provide cover for Cresswell but eventually took over his position. After 11 seasons, he spent a total of 12 months away from me at West Ham (City bought him in the summer for £7m and I bought him back in January for £4.9m, then later in the game I sold him to Juventus for £4m then loaned him back, then got him on a free when his loan deal expired which was also the date his Juventus contract expired).

    If you get the money in the first few seasons, those are the players to buy and the roles to play them in, they really helped me build my foundations.

    After finishing in the top 4, I managed to break the transfer record to sign Gabriel Barbosa from Manchester City for £37m and he’s in his 9th season with me. His average rating has only been lower than 7.30 once, even then it was still over 7.

    The second time I broke the transfer record was for a regenerated player called Henning Bogner for £55m. He has more goals than games for Germany and except for a 10-hour dry spell he pretty much scores every week.

    That’s pretty much my career so far! I’m finally on my way to winning the Premier League with West Ham, a fate I haven’t been able to accomplish ever (I’ve been playing since Football Manager 2008).

    If you have a career on Football Manager, I’d love to read about your favourite signings, formations, tactics and stories. Also, if you want to know more about my career feel free to ask as I really could talk about it for hours. I regularly post about it on my Twitter account (@CraigPodevin) so you can also follow me if you’d like to see my progress!

    Thanks for the read,
    Craig 🙂

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    After a long battle trying to register, login, reset password several millions times, I am eventually able to post on here!

    I find FM really frustrating as purely in the terms of how I like to play it. I try and replicate real life ‘stuff’ but find its nearly impossible. At the moment I am experimenting with some tactics etc and they do not play how I think Slaven gets us to play. In this case it is a combination of me not being very good at setting up a tactic correctly and perhaps seeing West Ham play different to how the game might describe it.

    I always find it fun when someone offers me 25m for Enner and 25m for Obiang, have had Enner demand he leaves as he wants to win a title with the Arse, only to find himself benched and not get game nor get a title.

    I always prioritise a new keeper in the game as I feel Adrian and Gandolph are under rated (Or do us hammers over rate them with our rose tinted glasses?) but so far have not found a keeper that improves on either of our number 1s.

    Formations I try have varied over time. 4-2-3-1. 4-2DM-3-1. 4-4-2. 4-1-4-1. I just do not seem to replicate what Slaven gets us doing, have been on the official forums and asked but sometimes the help on there is really good or really bad. Do not get me started on making an Allidici tactic., the game is so biased to tika taka stuff.

    Good luck on your game though, been playing a bit longer, the very first Champ Man! Didnt but FM13, FM14 or FM15 as felt the demos were rubbish

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      Craig Podevin

      I kept Adrian for a few years until the keeper that Leicester have signed (Zieler? Forgot his name) was free. Rolli ends up becoming the best goalkeeper on the game so get him too if you can.

      As for tactics, I think I play a similar way that West Ham do/did last season, I’ll copy them for you and send them because they’re really effective. The only difference is I use a False 9 instead of a target man.

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    Welcome AppyAmmer

    You’re first post went into moderation but you should now be free to post from now on. Good to have you on board.

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      Welcome AppyAmmer

      You’re first post went into moderation but you should now be free to post from now on. Good to have you on board.


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    I read the forum here a lot but I decided to sign up after reading this post.

    It was good to see as I have been away from FM for a while and I had planned to start a new game this evening. How long I’ll last on it is a different question, I can never find the right formation/tactics to use. They all seem to go well and the absolutely bomb!

    I’m going to approach it differently this time, I’m going to start a West Ham career with the aim of youth development, I want to use the first year or two to establish players like Burke, Oxford and Samuelsen and move forward buying young talent and bred them into the first team. Hopefully the career will turn into the a team full of young talent!

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      Craig Podevin

      Thank you I’m glad you like the post!

      Oxford and Burke really do well, City ended up forcing a move for Oxford in my 3rd or so season when he was partnering Ogbonna in my first 11 and he’s still there so that’s enough proof of how good he really becomes. With Burke, I didn’t use him enough in the first team for him to reach his full potential but he does still play in the PL with Norwich I believe. He’s a great back up to Oxford and Ogbonna, but if you’d rather play Burke you can always drop Ogbonna and use a DM (Half Back) as protection.

      I had a regenerated player in my first season called Alan Ayling, he became my youngest ever player and is still with me 12 years after joining the academy so we have great players come through on there. My goalkeeper was also bought on the cheap from Croatia when he was 16, he’s now my captain and pretty much unstoppable. I don’t think he’s conceded a penalty in the last 2 seasons.

      I hope you’ll keep me updated with your career, I’m always here as your assistant! 😉

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    Craig Podevin

    Here are my tactics with West Ham

    Tactics screen

    Instructions screen

    Here’s how my recent seasons have gone, you can see the effectiveness of the new tactics as I finish 2nd 3 years running.

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    Looks like you are doing well, I struggle with the tactics too, I might borrow yours, I think for me it is more due to getting annoyed and giving up so I never really have a full competence of a tactic.

    Do you tend to use the same tactic in all games?

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      Craig Podevin

      I use the same tactic in almost every game because I’m usually the favourite to win. If I’m playing an away game against a bigger club (Man Utd, Chelsea, etc.) then I drop the 2 Inside Forwards to Wingers and give them attacking mentality. This just makes sure you have extra men in midfield rather than ‘linking up’ the attack and midfield. It might mean you won’t score but the opposition will find it very hard to break you down – specially if you have a good Half-Back in defensive midfield position.

      I finally won the league by one point no so long ago and got to the Champions League semi final (to be knocked out by eventual winners Real Madrid on penalties). This year I’m going for the Champions League, then I’d have won every trophy on offer to me at West Ham!

      Feel free to copy my tactics if you’re struggling, it takes a few games for your players to become confident in it but you’ll see the results within 2 seasons when they do get used to them.

      I hope this has helped and please feel free to reply again if you have any more questions, etc.!

      Also let me know how my tactics do for you in your game please, it’ll be interesting to see if they’re effective for everybody. 🙂

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        Doing alright so far mate thanks for the tips, I am blooding Oxford and Burke every few games, which is probably costing me a few points, but wide players are doing a fine job of providing for the striker, especially Byram and Cresswell. I can see the tactics coming through and doing a good job now that the team are familiar with it.

        Thanks again, I will let you know how I get on

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