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    Good move I’d say. Will fit well in the new system. Don’t know if he would want to return though. Need a proper RB.

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    Craig Podevin

    The fans didn’t treat him very well after his bad performances, I would be willing to give him another chance definitely! His crossing needs to improve but he was always up and down the wing for us

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    I would take him back. I think he would benefit the wing back formation

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    Ben Cooper

    He has speed in abundance! Was a real shame how some fans treated him when his formed dropped, he even deactivated his twitter account at one point. Maybe he would turn the club down. Then again a professional would know that social media can be poison in general and we would love him even more if he came back, gave it 100% and re found that first season form.

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    Byram is better than him. Jenkinson can’t tackle, cross or pass the ball well. Would be a waste of time and money bringing him back in my opinon especially after the injury he’s had since leaving us.

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      Yes I agree, I would rather Byram. The problem is he is so injury prone too. We do really need a new right back in my opinion. I like the idea of Ivanoic from Chelsea too.

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