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    Having watched every game this season,either at the London stadium, on Tv or via, I have continually noticed that Noble isn’t the player he was last season, or seasons gone by.

    There is no questioning his passion, determination and love of West Ham, and he’s always been top of my list for Captain since our promotion in 2012. But has he forgotten to pass forward?

    Apparently so. Game after game he picks the ball up from the centre halves, takes one or two steps forward (without looking up), then passes left or right, usually behind him, or turns back and gives it back to the back 4. This is usually followed by a jeer from the crowd amongst other expressions of opinion.

    I see nothing to suggest that he is doing a job that Nordveit or Fernandes couldn’t do and based on his performance against Sunderland, the latter seems much more confident and capable of going forward.

    Fernandes showed pace, power, skillful dribbling and some half decent tackles all from the LWB position. None of which Noble showed over the 94 mins.

    You could argue that Noble (CM/CDM) and Fernandes (CM/CAM) play different positions, but with Obiang coming to life, do we really need another player like Noble?

    I think Nobes’ time is beginning to run down and i see it only a matter of time before he begins to slip down the pecking order. Is he becoming the player you bring on when you have a one goal lead – to calm and slow down play for the last 20 mins? Who knows…

    I’d welcome Fernandes’ introduction to the line up sooner rather than later, but then maybe im just being naive.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Craig Podevin

    Although I do agree, I think we need a player like Noble in the lineup simply because of how much the club means to him; you don’t see the passion from other players (obviously). He will go for a 50/50 and not back out, he doesn’t care if he gets hurt and if he does he’ll get up, shrug it off and carry on playing because he loves West Ham and he wants to play for us more than anyone in the world.

    I loved how Fernandes looked, but I’d take off Lanzini for him. Lanzini has flair but seems a bit too much like Zarate for me. He’d rather go for the shot or the glory himself than look up and play someone into a great goal scoring position (I’ve seen it a few times where he could’ve played Zaza but didn’t).

    Great write, though. It’ll be interesting to see what other people think of the topic.

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    Well he’s picked up a suspension now, so it’s Fernandes for me!
    Stronger going forward, intelligent passer, good engine.
    Love Nobes but is he turning into Scott Parker?

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      Ben Cooper

      Do you mean that as a negative? Parker was class.

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