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    Today I read lunchtime news (dinner time for me) and it says that Oxford wants to follow Rio Ferdinand and become a big success. Does it mean he want to play for Champions League team or make successes with West Ham?

    Lunchtime news roundup: Oxford inspired by successful Ferdinand

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    Ben Cooper

    It is hard to say. I would hope it is the former. He could become a club legend if he follows the trajectory many have predicted for him.

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    Craig Podevin

    I would like to hope that he means with West Ham but of course it is everyone’s dream as a child to play for the biggest teams and to win the biggest trophies. As long as we get a few fantastic years service and a massive transfer fee for him, I don’t mind.

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    Ben Cooper

    Lunchtime news round up: Chelsea angered by ticket delay

    I just uploaded the lunchtime news. The fourth story is interesting. However, I firmly believe that this is a piece of exceptionally poor and lazy journalism. The tweet could have been referring to anything, how on earth can they confirm its about what they say it is?

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    If Oxford left to join Man U at this stage in his career I do believe it will have a negative effect. If he can’t break into our squad he certainly won’t get into theirs.
    There has been a few times this season I would have put him in, maybe over the next few weeks with Reid injured.

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    Ben Cooper

    People forget how young he is! Would really like to see more though and I agree that a move now will likely hinder his future.

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