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    Ben Cooper

    Dimi recently made comments to a French media outlet suggesting that he would not rule out a January move away from the club following our difficult start to the season.

    IF (and its a big IF) these comments have been taken in the correct context then we should certainly try to cash in. Sell him on and get someone better equipped for a relegation battle. We need warriors at West Ham, not players who will try and run at the first sign of trouble.

    However, given SkySport’s report that the apparent ‘crisis talks’ were just plain false, I have confidence that he still wants to be a hammer.

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    I apologise in advance for the waffle below.

    I do think that the Payet situation is a tough one. For me, when Payet plays, we are effectively a man down when we are on the defensive. He isn’t a quick runner, doesn’t track back and doesn’t tackle. (Wave a leg towards them is about as good as it gets). On the other hand, when we are on the attack it is different – it seems like we have 12 men, with his ability and class providing space for everyone else as he attracts multiple defenders of the opposition, not to mention the chance he creates.

    I fully understand he is a CAM/LW and so isnt expected to do much in terms of defensive duties. However, when he isn’t playing at his best, like recently, it almost feels like we have 10 men. Combine that with Lanzini, who is very similar (and often goes missing for 15-20mins a half) means that we are at 9 men.

    This, combined with strikers who are low on confidence, and who aren’t actually striker out-right (ayew/antonio), means we are down to 8 men when Payet and Lanzini aren’t playing well and not supporting the ‘striker’.

    I know this sounds very negative but it was so apparent at the Stoke game. At several points we lost the ball up field – Stoke countered and i looked up to see Ayew, Lanzini and Payet all walking slowly back to the half way line. Shawcross and Martins Indi even overtook them. (Everyone else bar the Stoke keeper was in our half). That left 7 outfield WHU players vs 8 Stoke players. Need i point out the issue with this? Lets just say had that been Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs or Arsenal (Team we play in our next 5 fixtures) we would have most likely conceded on multiple occasions.

    So to go back to the original point, I’d sell Payet only if we got a fantastic offer for him AS LONG AS:

    A. We go and buy a proven striker.
    B. We buy a Rb (because i don’t think we have that position sorted yet) E.g Ivanovic
    C. We don’t buy Zaza with the cash

    If we don’t get the massive offer come in, it’s not a problem. He is what is needed to avoid relegation – a chance creater – we just need to have someone finish those chances BUT I don’t know how long we can continue with Payet AND Lanzini in the starting 11. I like both and want to keep both, but i just feel that having both in the team is costing us more than it is creating.

    Waffle Finished.

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    Following the Arsenal game and Man Utd game(s) i believe the waffle that i posted above has become more and more accurate.

    I predicted that we’d concede multiple goals against teams like Arsenal and Man utd, (except perhaps the 1-1 draw in the league v Utd – which was only avoided by Randolph) as a result of having ‘lazy’ players like Payet.

    Payet could (and sometimes does) create 10+ chances a match, but we struggle to put even 1 of them away. When we are on the defensive, we are effectively a man down because of him (as explained in my previous post). I think he does more harm than good – maybe you can get away with it against lower league teams but not against the top 8 or 10 teams.

    I also don’t think the players are fit enough. The pitch seems much bigger than Upton park and the players are blowing out of their ars*s by 75mins.


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      Craig Podevin

      My only argument is even when he’s playing bad he seems to be assisting goals. He assisted Carroll against Arsenal, Fletcher against United (somewhat) and Sakho against United and that’s our last 3 fixtures. Can’t quite remember if he set up anyone against Spurs, but without him we do miss him.

      Although I agree that he’s not been at his best, his average is still better than most of our players. Plus even at Marsielle and at some points last year he had very avaerage/poor games, he will come good again soon with some confidence.

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