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    Ben Cooper

    What are your thoughts on the Payet situation? One thing is clear, he’s a disruptive influence and has clearly not been giving 100% so for me he absolutely cannot be anywhere near the first team at the moment. But what to do? Slaven’s message seemed clear enough and I’m really glad the board have the determination to keep our best players. But it’s expensive keeping him in the reserves and what if a huge bid comes in? So many angles to this. I wouldn’t want to play with him again if I were a player myself, and he was close to securing legendary status with us fans. Such a shame for him to destroy that bond. No club will ever love you as much as we did Dimi.

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    Think I echo most people by saying we should get rid. I don’t begrudge him wanting to leave, but I do take offence to the manner of it – the childish imp. Now becomes glaringly obvious why we haven’t played well – it’s clearly affecting the squad, making morale so fragile. The players go out there already a man down. Airing the laundry like this means everyone can move on and Slav can concentrate on fielding a team without disruption. He can now avoid having to explain why Dimitri isn’t playing – it stops all rumours and gossip. Players can also be part of a dressing room without any awkwardness. Slav has nipped the problem in the bud and I commend him for doing it. He was clearly gutted. For me, we don’t actively farm Payet out. We wait: someone will bid high for him.

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    Here is a new version of the Payet song that came to mind yesterday. Feel free to replace the “Eff” with the 4 letter version.

    Eff You Payet, Dimitri Payet
    I just don’t think you understand
    We gave you our love
    But no one’s bigger than the club
    So eff you Dimitri Payet!

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