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    Anyone heard that payet has handed in a transfer request? We would be going backwards allowing payet to leave

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    It’s from a poster called Chalks on Kumb.

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    Ex tweet earlier – The board is unaware of any demands from Payet to move to Man U.Considering they are very good mates with his agent,this is very good news!

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    We will not allow Payet to leave unless we receive a ridiculous offer. Payet’s agent is a very close friend of the Sullivan’s and talk of him returning to the club with a transfer request do not make sense. The club would already know if he was planning to do that, so the returning to training with it, is not relevant. The player has not expressed any intention to leave and this comes directly from the board itself. If the player was to be leaving it would make sense for the board to do it now, get the cash in, to spend on other players, however as he isn’t leaving the board will not and have not done this. There is no point panicking about this. One thing I will say is that at this time of year there are always sensational stories to attract hits and reads especially when some places are struggling for exclusives. As a site we pride ourselves on our motto “Exclusive News and Content. Guaranteed Reliability and Accuracy” so we only post news that we have had verified by the very best sources.

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      Cheers for the clarification ex! The only ITK to trust

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      Interesting, just breezed through Kumb (well someone has to do it) and the poster known as chalks is now claiming he spoke to you (ex) last night and that you were saying the opposite to what you have just said here to him. Any comment, this is getting very confusing.

      And I for one hope that this apparent confusion, with its seeming mixed messages isn’t a sign that there is a smoke and mirrors campaign going on inside the club to try to hide any desire to leave on his part until the club are in a better position with imports to soften the blow.

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