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    Ben Cooper

    Didn’t expect that! How will we turn it around in the return fixture next week?


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    Must prove that Antonio needs to play as a winger, no good at right back and we miss his threat in the final third.

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    I don’t think its too much to worry about, we’ve got an away goal which could really help us and we’ll have an extra 50 odd thousand supporters behind us!

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    Ben Cooper

    We do have that all important away goal. With an extra week of fitness work I think we will be ok.


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    Well that was awful. So many 1st teamers and not a leader amongst them tonight. Yes it’s preseason but we were very lucky only to get beat 2-1.

    Main point that HAS to be said, Antonio is NOT a right back cost us big time tonight.

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    We were absolute trash. I know this was not our first team, but I expected better from our side. I’m sure we will pull through next week but we need to take Europa League far more seriously if we wish to make an impact in this tournament.

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    Ben Cooper

    Feghouli was the main positive for me. Very direct, not scared to take people on. Valuable minutes for Obiang too.

    An early goal next week will put us ahead in the tie.
    Hope to see Tore play.

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    Adrian definitely kept us alive. Really hope they get Antonio/right back situation sorted out. I would have liked to see Fletcher get a chance. I agree with Ben, we should be alright next week.

    On the brightside I would rather have the team work out these kinks now instead of vs. Chelsea in the first Premier league match.

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      Ben Cooper

      I believe that starting competitive football early last season was the main reason we blew Arsenal away on opening day.

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    For a Danish Hammer it is astonishing to see how English fans still expect English teams to go to Europe and win easily. 1-2 away is a good result for a team in the startup phase missing some of the most important players. We will turn it around at home and move to the next round. COYI ⚒⚒

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    Andy Carroll was disappointing to say the least, and that’s even with Feghouli sending in proper balls. Would have loved to have seen Ashley Fletcher come on later in the match. I foresee good things for him, but he needs the opportunity. I’ve been hearing Sakho may still be around come next match, in which case he could be vital to our progression, but thats a maybe as his situation is up in the air. I’m confident we can progress though.

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    Having watched the game from the stands tonight, if Slaven still thinks Antonio can play at full back then I’ll lose a chunk of respect for the guy.

    I’m a huge fan of Antonio, but Bilic has destroyed his confidence.

    I also didn’t think much of Nordvelt at centre half, but you can see that he’s composed on the ball so will do well as a defensive midfielder.

    In contrast I thought Byram did well tonight at left back, especially considering he was out of position.

    I also thought the service for Carroll was appalling most of the night, but that will improve if we can get Feghouli on the ball as the lad is talented.

    New recruits are desperately needed.

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      Ben Cooper

      Thanks for joining us tonight! How was your trip? What are your plans for the rest of the evening?
      Was hard to tell how many Hammers were there tonight, what is your guess?

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    Appreciate it’s still pre-season but thought we were awful tonight and lacked organisation and structure. It also shows our squad is lacking in depth. Yes, we’ve got a few players to come back and our new signings look promising but we’ve lost Song, Moses, JOB, Tomkins & Emenike plus Cresswell & Lanzini are injured so the depth just isn’t there. With only 2 weeks to go before the season starts, we need more depth.

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    Pure rubbish from a very strong team. Literally the same players will have to go about things in a totally different way. Next week is another away game as we are yet to play there. Massive tiring pitch and the Unknown. The opposition will be inspired and hold the lead. It was easy for them to score and it will happen again

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      Ben Cooper

      I agree its a step into the unknown but I wouldn’t say ‘away game’ there will be around 50 thousand hammers behind the team!

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    Lack of firepower up top and desperate need for a rb, problems we’ve known since Christmas yet still here we are same old story. 100% sure will come through next week but do worry about this coming season in a much tougher league this year I believe.

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