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    Ben Cooper

    Wow, where to start? The defence I guess. Its literally unbelievable that we have conceded eight in two games against poor opposition. I’m not worried though, it will get sorted and we when it does we will be a strong side again as we have goals in us.

    The sooner we stop the leaks in our backline the better, and if the players that get bought in for the cup play well they can really stake a claim to be kept in for the premier league games that follow.

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    I’ve finally calmed down enough to be able to post and get through the swear filters.

    I’ve tried to work out exactly what went wrong on Saturday and all I can come up with is that not one of the players turned up. The temptation is to pick on Nordviet or Calleri neither of whom I have seen do anything right in a West Ham shirt yet. I hate it when players are picked on at the start of the time with us as many just need time to settle, but it is a concern that neither in my opinion have shown even the smallest bit of quality.

    To be fair to them however, on Saturday they were just 2 of 12 very poor players. With Feghouli being the only one to come out with any credit and Fletcher not being on the pitch long enough to judge.

    I’m not a fan of changing things before half time, but when a team plays that badly I think it was needed, I think Slav waited too long and made the wrong subs. How Calleri gets on in front of Fletcher i’ll never know.

    I tweeted out on Saturday that I wouldn’t blame Oxford for looking elsewhere when he can’t get in the team in front of Collins and same goes for Fletcher if he can’t be first on when Calleri is the nly other option.

    Please don’t take this as a dig at Calleri, I would love him to start showing some quality – he just hasn’t at all so far so is not justifying his place in the team.

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