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    There seemed to have been a lot of negativity around the club over the last week. Injuries galore, a couple of poor performances and I think it’s fair to say that the match today took on more importance than a game at this stage of the season should have done.

    After what can at best be described as a pretty dull game we can at least be pleased that the never give up fight from last season looks like it is still there as Antonio grabbed a late winner.

    What were your thoughts on the game?

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    Ben Cooper

    Finally, a bit of positivity. By all accounts it was a poor game with neither side offering much in terms of attacking flair. However, the lads dug deep and managed to fashion a win and three points. So so pleased for Antonio to get the goal, especially after his recent ordeal at right back. That no doubt affected his confidence but yesterday would have gone a long way towards restoring it.

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    Loved Bilic’ post match comments on 5Live.

    Interviewer: Antonio looked fed up as he left the pitch on Monday night?

    Bilic: No as fed up as I was, his mistake had nothing to do with the position he was played in and was to do with his not respecting the position of the game. (I’ve paraphrased)

    He then went on to big him up, but good that he wasn’t letting him feel sorry for himself, he was right it had nothing to do with him playing right back.

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    My player summary’s:

    Masuaku had a very good game at RB. His touch and ball control was very good and he did the basics well. Didn’t really make any mistakes and i felt he was worthy of being in the shortlist for MOTM. It is a shame he isn’t available for Europa League games. Keen to see more of him.

    Kouyate was great, his ability to drive the ball out of our half is something that i think get’s overlooked a lot. Pure engine and is as much as a loss to the team as Payet etc. As always, a unsung hero.

    Antonio played well particularly on the RW. He does make the odd simple mistake (like letting the ball roll under his foot and out of play), but it’s not dangeorus (like loosing the ball in front of our goal). He also makes up for it in the driving runs, crosses, goals and general attacking threat he poses.

    Tore was a difficult one for me. He seems slow and off the pace, something i thought he was the complete opposite of. His set pieces were terrible but he was good at driving forward. He got better as the game went on and the cross for the goal was the best thing he did all game. Unlucky with the volley/shot that went just wide. Overall, average game but flashes of some quality. Possibly confidence and regular game time required.

    Byram – Again, another decent game. Played well and did the defensive duties well. Some good runs and covering of players. Good foul to stop them countering – although he has a nasty habit of picking up a lot of yellows. The more he plays, the better he is. Best RB we have had in a while but not the complete package yet.

    Adrian – did what was needed of him given he had little to do most of the game. 2 brilliant saves.

    Reid and Collins – Both solid, stupid booking for Reid for arguing. Very little mistakes. Good games for both and important clean sheet. Reid with a great header/block near the end.

    Calleri/Fletcher – Calleri holds the ball well and is far better at it than Valencia. Seems comfortable under pressure and shame he missed at the death. Both didn’t have much time to impress.

    Noble – Played well, as usual. Some great runs, movement, passing. Good tackles and did the basics right.

    Nordveit – Played well for the majority. Good covering for the CB and good tackles. Passing was okay but has a tendency to just boot the ball up-field in a panic from time to time.

    Valencia – played okay through the middle, snap shots aplenty but nothing to right home about. Shot that was on target and saved was best moment. Walking off the pitch slowly was the most odd thing he has done.

    Obiang – Great for the short time he came on. Yellow card wasn’t really justified i didn’t think. His tackle on the edge of the box following the save from Adrian and block from Reid was calm and composed.

    MOTM: Antonio closely followed by Kouyate and Masuaku
    DOTM(Dunce of the Match): Valencia (Not the worst of games but that slow walk off at 0-0 was unforgivable)

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      Nice summary

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