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    Ben Cooper

    I’m leaving the stadium in a state of disbelief. Did that actually happen? 2 up and looking as if we could win by 5, to eventually lose 4:2.

    Unbelievable, what went wrong?

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    Craig Podevin

    I think individuals let us down today. Adrian could have easily avoided conceding 3 of those goals. If he keeps them out, it’s 2-1 and I think we could have pushed for another 2 or 3 if they hadn’t have scored before half time.

    The defence did alright at best, Collins I think has had some unfair criticism (bare in mind that I haven’t actually seen any highlights or anything on TV, this is purely off my view and opinion at the stadium), Reid gave the ball away a bit too much but Byram did well. Masuaku came central too much when they were attacking, which their winger/full back really enjoyed as he always had acres of space.

    Noble and Kouyate did really well in that first half an hour, controlling the midfield but as soon as Mazzarri changed things, they were nowhere to be seen.

    Lanzini gave the ball away WAY too much. He shot when he should have passed and was always easily knocked off the ball. I’m not expecting him to be like Akinfenwa but at least keep the ball a bit easier.

    Antonio did not track back enough. Attacking, he is one of our best players and one of the best wingers in the league but he doesn’t want to know when it comes to going back. This is a weakness in his game, it’s well known that wingers are required to help the man behind him as well as attack. If it was a part of the plan that he stayed forward, why didn’t Lanzini come back to help?

    Payet had a decent game, not his best but the assist overshadowed what I think was a very average game from our star. I understand why he didn’t track back because he offers nothing defensively and if the ball falls to him on the edge of the box he can start a counter attack with 2 touches and a wonder pass.

    Zaza I think did well considering he was on his own up front. He was energetic and used his body well when he was on the ball. I’m excited to see what he can do when it comes to shooting!

    Onwards and upwards, things will get better. Remember this time last season we lost 4-3 to Bournemouth. We’re just having some teething problems in the new stadium. No doubt that the sometimes hostile atmosphere also has an affect on the pitch. I still remain optimistic for this season.

    Also keep in mind that Watford have a brand new manager and Italians have always been good tacticians.

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    Where to start?

    My first visit to the stadium as I’ve had other things on for the other games and my first impression of the outside was that they had done a decent job of branding it. The turnstiles had issues and opened 20-30 mins late keeping us waiting in the rain – not a great start but I guess if it were sunny we wouldn’t have been as bothered.

    In the ground the view from my seat is ok, probably better than I expected but not nearly as close as UP. The rain was hitting people at least 15 rows back even though the roof was supposed to cover all. This wasn’t the rain blowing it in, it was coming directly down on us all.

    Expensive beer and food shouldn’t be a surprise I guess, but it amazes me that anyone actually buys anything from inside the ground. I won’t ever do it on principle.

    The ground is I expected, an athletics stadium. scaffolded seats with big gaps everywhere you look. As a stadium it’s ok, as a football venue I hate it.

    Most around me were standing, as was I. a couple behind me wanted to sit and so I offered to swap seats – they refused and kept sitting. People at the end of my row always sitting eating popcorn during game. Ok so everyone has a choice of what to do when they watch football I get that, but for me it summed up exactly the type of support Brady wants to attract. A polite theatre goer to spend loads on confectionary and merchandise with no thought to the atmosphere – your typical Arsenal fan.

    I tweeted before the game that I thought Collins instead of Ogbonna was a mistake and sadly I was proved right in the worst kind of way. Reason for the prediction is that Collins just isn’t a very good defender. He has been at directly at fault for 3 goals already this season and has no business being anywhere near the starting XI. His positioning is poor, his pace is non existent and cannot read the game very well. This has always been the case – but because he throws himself in and makes some eye catching blocks people still insist on putting him in their preferred XI.

    Byram is another one that keeps coming in for high praise and I just don’t get it. He is a sending off waiting to happen every game, he defends like bambi on ice and has little confidence going forward. Now I get that you should give youngsters a bit of time to get things right, but people seem to forget that he is 23 next week, he isn’t a kid and I can’t think of many other prem teams that would have him as their first choice. The sooner Arbeloa gets fit the better.

    First half hour was great, but that’s because we were allowed possession and didn’t really have to defend too much, but even the couple of times we had to, the danger signs were there. The last 55 mins of the game were just dreadful, utterly dreadful. It’s all very well putting down to a bad day at the office, but things need to improve quickly otherwise it’s going to be a very long season.

    First thing that should happen is Ogbonna should come in for Collins (with Oxford on the bench before ginge), Arbeloa for Byram and anyone for Brady.

    Angry from Colchester

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