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    Ben Cooper
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    Ben Cooper

    I think we were too flat and at times we played long balls to Carroll with no real threat as he was pretty isolated and he lacks mobility. I was disappointed with Ayew’s injury and the pace of the premier league seemed to be a bit of a shock for Tore who replaced him. I hope he can adjust quickly. Same for Nordtveit really, needs to be quicker.

    Up until now I have been fully behind Slaven’s plan to play Antonio as a RB but the look of total deflation on the boy’s face as he was subbed off was hard to take. He did do well at RB last season and people are happy to forget this but something has changed in Antonio’s mind and the quicker he is happy and confident the better.

    Diego Costa again gets away with repeatedly breaking the rules. I want to say that we didn’t really deserve anything despite this but a man advantage would have certainly been fair.

    Chelsea fans are awful. This was a London Derby under the lights. I was expecting some kind of atmosphere, one comparable to the night they came to the Boleyn a couple of seasons ago perhaps. They seemed happy to let us make all of the noise for the majority of the game. I could only hear their fans on two occasions (they scored twice).

    This post sounds negative but I’m really not feeling doom and gloom at all. There is no shame in going to Stamford Bridge and it taking a very late goal to deny you points. I think we could have beaten that Chelsea team comfortably with our full strength side out. This is a team who won the title recently and performances from last season (for most teams) should be seen as a one off in my opinion. I enjoy our new ‘we fear nobody’ outlook but sometimes we should stop ourselves getting carried away.

    I’m a little nervous about having the Europa playoff so close to our next league game. Bournemouth is a team we should expect to get something from and I’m sure Slav will manage it well as he has been there and done it before.

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    Was a poor performance last night.

    As you say the lack of pace, movement…We didn’t worry Chelsea at all.

    Valencia was the only one who looked a threat but came to nothing with his poor decision making and lack of quality.

    I think if Sakho gets fit and stays, Calleri, these will be the sort of strikers who will suit us better in away games.

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    I really think we have made a pigs ear out of the transfer window and created new problems for ourselves. Think back to the end of last season and it was blatantly clear that we needed a top right back and striker. But by pushing Antonio into right back permanently and then signing Tore, Feghouli and Ayew in his replacement, we have just complicated things and now have too many players in them areas.

    Carroll cannot lead the line himself, if teams cut off the service like Chelsea did tonight then he becomes useless through no fault of his own. When he returns i would like to see Ayew playing up top with him or keeping AC on the bench until the second half as i feel he is a lot more effective then.

    Also, is there any sign of when Calleri will be arriving and having his medical?

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    When you look at social media post game you would be forgiven for thinking there are only negatives after a loss. On the flip side after a win you’d think we are the best team ever and the whole world is full of rainbows. The truth as always is somewhere between the two.

    These threads are to try an give a balanced view of what is good and bad about our most recent performance, I’m not claiming to cover everything and am happy for you all to come up with some of your own or disagree with mine.

    With a game like this there is always going to be more negatives than positives, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any.


    Not at fault for either goal I thought Adrian had a good game and pulled off a couple of great saves. Still my number 1 and with Randolph as backup we are looking strong in that position.

    My criticism of ginge is that he always has one mistake in him a game which I guess was proved true again yesterday, but there is no denying he took his goal brilliantly… and with his ‘wrong’ foot.

    I thought Masuaku came in and handled himself well on the whole. It was a difficult first game to come into for you first taste of premier league football, but I think he showed enough to show he will be a good backup for Cresswell and maybe even first choice RB. I think his mistakes mainly came from being let down by the people in front of him.

    Payet got some valuable minutes under his belt and perhaps even more importantly, looked happy being there. After only getting back to the club a couple of weeks ago, him getting match fit is vital for us and those minutes would have helped.

    The fans as per usual on away days did the club proud and showed the home fans up for what they are – The away fans will likely be a constant positive in these articles, I honestly don’t think there are a better, more vocal bunch in the land.


    As much as you can pick out individual performances, I thought the tactics where the biggest negative last night. Very pedestrian, Carroll isolated no proper width on the pitch all meant that when we had possession we never really looked like creating anything.

    Premier League debuts for Tore and Nordtveit were about as poor as you could expect and looked really off the pace, I’m sure that will improve over the next few games, but both were guilty of giving the ball away and slowing play down.

    Much has been said of Antonio as a right back, and I think all agree he has struggled but it should also be remembered that he did very well filling in there last season. The negative for me however was not him playing there, but his crazy decision making of dibbling out when either a pass or a clearance were obviously the better options. That has nothing to do with what position he was playing, he would just as likely have been tracking back as a winger. If he makes decisions like that very often he shouldn’t expect to be in the team, either as defender or anywhere else.

    Playing a team like Chelsea away from home you have to expect that you will concede more possession than usual, but the sheer panic in some of our players and the inability to keep hold of the ball was a big negative for me. Far too often defenders were launching it up to an isolated Carroll or even out of touch. In some instances that is the right thing to do of course, but we gave away possession far too cheaply and far too often to have any hope of getting something out of a team that will challenge for the title.

    Final negative for me has to be the injury to record signing Ayew. He at least was the one that looked to support Carroll and hopefully he won’t be out for too long.

    Summary: Was always going to be a difficult first game, but we didn’t help ourselves at all and in hindsight, with a bit more attacking intent and a bit more calmness in defence and we should have got points from that game. That said, we have a lot of good players to come back and new players to find fitness so no need to worry too much just yet – I’m still confident for this weeks games.

    Remember, feel free to agree, disagree or add your own.

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    Our performance was awful! There was nothing positive from the team as a whole. Despite the referee’s terrible performance we should have enough in our team to do the business ourselves, bad refereeing decisions are something we should be use to after last seasons numerous costly blunders.

    Bilic has been a revelation since coming in but yesterday for me the tactics were wrong for the players picked to start & the ongoing Antonio as a right back has once again proved costly. I feel for him he is a top winger possible the best English winger at present but you can see he just isn’t a defender.

    I have to say this & really do hate being negative especially on the 1st game of the season but if we show up like we did yesterday with no heart & in my opinion looking rather unfit it will be a long hard season for us no matter how good some of our players are.

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