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    Brian Knox

    Have been watching a few youtube videos of our potential new striker from Brentford and to be honest I was very surprised and really want him here now. The lad is quick, stocky and is one of the best finishers I’ve seen in quite a while. He reminds me of a younger Shane Long/Defoe co-incidently the Hammers are also in for both of them but they are much older than Hogan. The only downside is the two acl injuries he has suffered in his career but tbh I haven’t seen a player finish like that with us since Cottee, his movement absolutely destroys defenders in the Championship and although it will be a lot more difficult for him in the PL, I’d rather spend £12m on him that invest double figures on the 34 year old Defoe or 29 year old Long.

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    Craig Podevin

    I agree with you with the investment side of it. We are better spending £12m on somebody that could potentially be with us for another 6-7 years than Defoe who is likely to only have a season or 2 left in him or Long who could have 3 or 4. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly he adapts to the PL, fingers crossed it’s instant. Another positive is he’ll count as a domestic player!

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    I have to say Scott Hogan could be the answer!

    His movement looks great and his finishing around the box look very instinctive.

    He also looks to have a great work ethic and determination about him to consistently score goals.

    Hogan has a very alert sharp brain , Calm head, Reminds me of a young Defoe with good pace.

    This could be a signing that could save us tons of money and secure what we desperately need…. A goalscorer.

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    I love the fact that as soon as he gets the ball he is making a move and trying to finish. He seems to be that striker who can play of the schoulder that we have been looking for. Rarely has is back to goal and can create opportunities for himself instead of only relying on service! Looking forward on what he can do.

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    We have had great success bringing in championship players to our first team & Hogan is another I feel given a chance could shine. There is the damage to his cruciate ligament that has been questioned but he has featured every game this season.

    He has scored 14 goals with 1 assist in 9 games out of 25 so far this season. With a 66% pass & shot accuracy. This window will always be extortionate so I wouldn’t expect him to come cheap.

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