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    Yes I am disappointed we haven’t signed a striker, yes I’m worried we won’t get what we need. The disappointment comes from the board shouting about how they were gonna sign a top striker and it now appears although we had scouted the targets we didn’t actually sounded any of our them out to weather they would actually be interested in joining.

    Credit where its due they have done some decent business in securing Tore, Feghouli, Nordveit, Martinez and Fletcher are also decent signings but I don’t see them starting many games this season, with Sakho and Valencia seeming destined to leave for one reason or another the striker position is hugely lacking.

    We all know we have to sign realistically at least 2 strikers with Carroll’s injury record and with the window how it is with pricing and wages this could be a very expensive window if mistakes on who to sign are made, so I don’t blame the board for taking its time.

    However that doesn’t change the worried feeling in the pit of my stomach we may start the season still lacking what we need upfront. What does give me a hope is that the board have a good history for one finding a bargain, and two, pulling deals out of seemingly nowhere.

    Have we tried to take too bigger leap forward as a club…… maybe, top players want champions league and that is something we just can’t offer at the moment, so refocusing our efforts on the next level down of player (which is what seems to be happening) seems a sensible move. The likes of Ben Yedder and Mandzukic have scored regularly and will be hungry to win things and get to champions league.

    What’s my point, I feel every west ham fan is entitled to feel a LITTLE disappointed not to have signed a striker already, the club shouted about the 20 goal as season player they were going to sign long before the window opened and now well into the window were still waiting.

    Is anyone to blame, not really yes the board maybe aimed a little high but that’s good and they certainly didn’t expect the extortionate amounts of money being asked. I believe they have and will do everything in their power to get the right players in.

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    I don’t think we should be dissapointed, right now we have 5 strikers in AC/AF/TM/DS/EV with both AC/AF looking in really good form recently I think after Calleri joins and Sakho leaves I still think we are in a strong position upfront. And who knows maybe this is Andy’s season and he’s gonna be fit all year and bag us 20+ goals.

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