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    Ben Cooper

    I have heard that the board will not be offering Slaven a new contract unless he proves himself again this season.

    I think that is reasonable and perfectly achievable don’t you? For me, settling the team, getting some points on the board with the aim of finishing in and around the top 6 – 10 will be more than enough to extend his contract. I for one dislike the manager merry-go-round that seems to happen most years. Some clubs push the panic button too early and its refreshing to hear that our board are willing to give Slav a chance.

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    As much as I have been devastated with how poor we have been this season especially at the back the more I have thought about our current situation I feel we are still in the transitional faze of moving to the new stadium, new training ground & new expectations.

    Everyone mentioned how this move would make us one of the biggest clubs in England well that puts pressure on our players & our manager. So I think it’s slightly unfair as I personally don’t think anyone else could have done the job Slaven has for us. If you look at the culprit’s in our team for under performing it’s seasoned key players for us including our captain.

    Bilic can only do so much & in his post match interview at West Brom he looked his eyes were filling up at how hurt he was by the players. For me that shows the man cares, he’s clearly covering everything he needs to in training & the players just aren’t doing it for him, for us & for themselves.3 points from 5 games into the season is a bad start but it doesn’t mean anything until the season is over. Once the back line sort themselves out we have the ability to finish top 6.

    Despite the poor start & negativity going around we need to be the 12th man again be louder than ever, be more intimidating than we have ever been. Let’s show the manager, the team & ourselves we love this club & we have faith in them.

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    Agree with a lot of that Quiet man.

    I don’t think Bilic should be above criticism and I think some of his selections and subs have been wrong, as well as the lack of strengthening our back line significantly over the summer. However I hate the thought of chopping and changing and he should be backed by board and fans alike for the foreseeable future.

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