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    Brian Knox

    Last season it was Collins and Ogbonna for me but now we’ve sold Tomkins and Reid seems to have made the position beside Ogbonna his own, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone stands out in pre-season and pushes either of them to get Slav’s call. Aside from those 3 we have the promising youngsters of Reece Oxford and Reece Burke and also Norwegian International Havard Nordtveit and although he’s been told he was signed to play as a DM here, the lad played the majority of last season at centre-half for a Bundesliga side that qualified for the Champions League again. Plenty of options there for Slav even as sad as it is with Tonka’s departure.

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    For me Bilic is working on Reid & Ogbonna to be number 1 partnership & they work well but this season they need to sort out roles as they both are similar in ways.
    Reid seems to be the more vocal so he should be the rock having the more defensive role of the 2 & sorting out the players in front of him. Once they click I think they could be a very solid partnership.

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    Ben Cooper

    I love Collins, he’s the type to hurt himself for the cause. He seems to have cut out the mistakes too which is great.
    Its difficult to cut out one of the other two senior centrebacks though (Ogbonna and Reid)
    3:5:2 ??

    Would allow Antonio freedom to attack as a wingback but what about the new arrivals who play on the wing?

    One thing we certainly have is a lot of options.

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    Craig Podevin

    Based on the first few games of the season, I think Collins has shown how important he is to us defensively. He’s so solid and willing to put everything on the line to protect our goal (plus he pockets ‘world class’ strikers on a regular basis).

    I’d say Collins and Ogbonna as they both compliment how each other play, whereas Reid seems to be less solid than Collins and doesn’t play the ball out as well as Ogbonna.

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    I’m massively in the Reid and Ogbonna camp and I think the more they play together the better they’ll become.

    I never actually thought Collins was a good defender, yes he puts his head in where it hurts and makes last ditch blocks but all too often I felt that was because he was caught out of position, not to mention he struggles against pacey strikers who play with the ball in the air.

    That said, I thought he proved me wrong last season. Whenever he was called on he did brilliantly and he really made me change my mind about him. Seemed to sort out a lot of his positional issues that I’d had with him in the past and looked a much better defender for it.

    Fast forward to this season and he made two goal conceding errors in two games so I’m back to wondering who is the real James Collins?

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