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    Ben Cooper

    As you may know, today is the day that the Boleyn ground demolition process is initiated across the whole stadium. Many upsetting photos are on their way, but perhaps we should all use this thread to share our happiest memories of Upton Park. Please try to share photos too, you can click the img button above to provide a link, or paste a link directly to your social media.

    For example, I have here clicked the ‘img’ button above then copied a link to twitter generated after clicking ‘view image’ in the firefox browser.


    The link looks like this ‘” alt=”Panorama”‘

    The photo above was taken from my seat which I had for three years after moving to the west stand. It was an automatic panoramic stitch of three photos I took that day on a Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone.

    So, my memories, its hard to pick the best ones as there are so many! But what will stick with me more than a special goal or result will be the connections I made with people. Sat and Jamie, who sat either side of me, there is James, Al, Dave and Trev who I would meet in the Black Lion. Mark, Sunder and James (and sometimes Stacey) would often feed me delicious ribs and sauce. I will always remember the sights, the colours, and smells of the vibrant and bustling Queens market, and green street on the whole.

    I am sad that we have left of course, but it is done now. We can never go back, so now is the time to band together and make new memories and routines.

    On the pitch I suppose the final season as a whole will stick with me the most, mainly because its fresh in the memory but also because it really was full of epic moments such as Ogbonna’s last minute leap in the cup, or of course, that magical final night. Mark Noble’s testimonial really did feel like a fun day out with the family, all 35 thousand members together.

    Never forget the Boleyn.

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    Whatever happens with Bilic, i’ll always be thankful to him for providing us with a final season of so many good memories.

    I’ve got loads of good memories over the years but being able to share that last one with my lad will always be the best. Unfortunately the few season before with him were pretty dull, so the contrast of last season was amazing.

    The sick feeling I have is in part seeing the place go, but more that I’m convinced we’ll never get a feeling like it again at the Hotpoint

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    Craig Podevin

    I agree with Jamo, I’ll always be grateful for the final season Bilic gave us and the exciting football.

    My favourite memory is last year as a whole, but if I had to pick one out (that wasn’t the Manchester United game) it’d be the Arsenal game. That game highlighted our squads desire to win and our attacking qualities, plus Carroll getting a hat trick was a rarity! On top of all that, my mum went with me instead of my dad or sister and it was really nice to see her so happy!

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