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    Ben Cooper

    Personally I’m delighted. Some very good additions who provide lots of options, but more importantly we kept our best players. It was sad to see Tomkins go but it was a good move for him, he can be a hero there. Following the radio show comments on Zaza, I’m looking forward to seeing him play. He sounds like a real professional who will give everything he has got.

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    Craig Podevin

    I’m quite happy with our signings to be honest, specially Zaza. People who have read my Football Manager topic will see how much I love Zaza, I think he’s a big coup for us. Arbeloa is an excellent signing as well & I was very surprised he was a free agent for so long! Fernandes I’ve not really seen anything of but he looks like he can score a goal when needed & pick a pass out, what more do you want from an attack minded midfielder?

    Only signing I’m disappointed with is Tore, he seems lazy and only at West Ham because he’s Bilic’s pal, but if he can knuckle down and be a bit more lively I’m sure he’ll do well.

    Keeping Payet is as exciting as getting a new signing & letting enner go is just as good in my opinion!

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    The thing you want from any transfer window is to get to the end with a better first XI than when you started it.

    We most definitely have that. We have a very strong first XI and a very decent back up XI so the strength in depth has also been improved so yes I’m happy.

    I think anyone that isn’t happy has dwelt too much on what was promised at the beginning about a 30 goal a season striker and that kind of bravado from DS. I think those kind of statements are silly as it puts more pressure on themselves as the window goes on, but those of us that have been around a while know to take those promises with a pinch of salt. Saying that I do think the owners need to think a bit more about how their comments affect some fans.

    I have absolutely no problem in going for players like Lacazette and even Zlatan. It’s great to see that’s where we are aiming and shows real intent from the club, sometimes they will come off and sometimes like this window they won’t, it doesn’t mean I don’t want us to try for them.

    As much as I think the owners need to wind it in with the promises I certainly think a number of fans need to take a realism tablet too. And if anyone is unhappy with how our squad looks like now, they need to take a look at what it looked like 2 or 3 years ago.

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    I am happy overall, the only negative for me is that Reece Burke is off on loan again, I would have liked to see him get some first team game time. Having said that, i understand the reason he has gone out after we got knocked out of the Europa League.

    Other than that small negative… I think we had a good window!

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    I’d probably agree with that MancHammer.

    Like you I can see the reasoning behind it but I’d prefer to see him given the game time Collins would get.

    That said we still have Oxford so perhaps it was felt one could get some game time but two probably wouldn’t and of the two of them Burke seems to have the better mentality to go on loan, and certainly the better support structure around him to benefit more from it.

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    I understand the thought behind it, he probably would have got more game time if we had progressed in the Europa League, while other players were rested and injuries were inevitably picked up. That said, Burke has progressed from League 1 to Championship level now, so if he flies at that level as I think we are all hoping, and expecting him to, then the Premier League is the next logical step for next season when Collins is another year older.

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    If I’m totally honest I thought it was long on quantity & short on quality. I’m sure the thinking was that we needed to improve the squad in depth, (which was true), if we were to embark on a European campaign – well that ship sailed pretty quickly!

    The question I ask myself is if everyone is fit, how many of those new signings go straight into the starting XI? I can only think of Zaza & that’s it. Failing to improve our best starting XI means we are standing still, our peers will improve, the rich clubs will improve even more and the gap between us & them becomes wider. Fair enough we did spend a lot of money, but it’s not what you spend it’s who you spend it on that’s important. I hope I’m wrong, but a top 10 finish will be good with this group of players.

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    I think Arbeloa and Zaza are definite starters and I also think that in a short while you’ll find Feghouli is starting in front of Antonio.

    As much as I love Antonio I think his qualities come from pace and energy and not technical ability. Pace and energy and effort get the fans onside which is why he is so widely loved, but I reckon Slav will see Feghouli as a starter in front of him.

    We also have some real quality to call on so now when injuries occur they won’t affect us as much as they have done in the past.

    Our bench could look like this when everyone is fit:

    Randolph, Masuaku, Oxford, Obiang, Ayew, Tore, Carroll

    Putting that into perspective – below is one of the benches we had 3 and half years ago:

    Spiegel, Pogatetz, Collison, Taylor, C Cole, Vaz Te, Chamakh.

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    Could have been better. Some of them are struggling (Tore)

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