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    What is happening with Sakho?

    All this over reassurance’s or is it money? If he moves on or stays it’s a terrible fall from grace with the club that gave him his chance at top level football.

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    Daylight come and he wanna go home.

    Sorry, I’ve just always thought we missed a trick not having a song for him based on that tune.

    From all reports it looks like he is on his way and as much as I liked the way we played with him in the team as opposed to AC, I don’t actually think he is as good as many make out, and far from irreplaceable. That’s without his obvious attitude problems and injury record.

    I’m confident he will be replaced by better

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    Games like last night shows how important he is to the team in away games.

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    He could be important, but not with his immaturity and bad attitude. A shame, because he is talented. But that’s no use if he disrupts the squad and throws tantrums.

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    Brian Knox

    I don’t think he’ll ever play for the club again even if he’s fit enough to do so. Various sources claimed the back issue showed up on the medical at WBA as well as a knee/hamstring problem depending who you believe, but even if we got him into shape again to play, there’s the fact that his behaviour has irritated the to club no end and Slaven Bilic doesn’t suffer fools at all. Just ask Morgan Amalfitano or Alex Song how they faired and their issues were nowhere near the level of the insubordination that the former Metz frontman has shown.

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    Am I the only one who doesn’t think he is that good anyway?

    Granted he was probably the best option as striker at the club last year, but that had more to do with the level of the others in my opinion. He is far from irreplaceable – albeit that has proved difficult but I think that is down to other reasons.

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    Sahko proved when we first got him that he can cut it in the premier, however his demons obviously sit firmly between his ears. Slav has worked hard to build a real ‘team’ ethic and no-one will be allowed to impose self importance above the team, as stated by Brian and in an article I wrote I don’t think he will be welcomed back into the fold irrespective of the need for a proven finisher. If he doesn’t go on deadline day I’d expect him to be gone in January, hopefully that will give him enough time to appreciate the status he reached with us and how short lived a career at the top really can be.

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    I think what people have to take into consideration with footballers these days especially younger ones is that there is so much money involved it can destroy the mind. Sakho come from Metz probably earning a very average wage(in terms of footballers), he’s come to England, to West Ham, had an amazing impact which justifiably earned him a new contract, clearly on much bigger wages. Money brings out arrogance and in younger players also naivety.

    Most people in most walks of life are guilty of it at times, u drive an old jalopy around for a few months and u feel nothing, u then buy yourself a new upmarket car and u think u own the road and everyone should give way to u!!

    Sakho is still only 26 and relatively new to the limelight and guilty as most in the game of having a big ego, u only have to look at all of their social media accounts!
    As for footballing ability I personally love him. He is so much more than just a goalscorer, his all round work rate and teamwork matches our probably most underrated player Kouyate.

    You do not have to be the most talented player to make it, u need heart, determination and to work damn hard. I would hope to see him have a reality check, knuckle down and prove his worth cause on his day I have no doubt he is our best striker on our books. There were plenty of fans begging to give young Ravel another chance, also our very own ‘legend’ Di Canio wasn’t exactly a stranger to trouble and confrontation yet he is idolised by most so why not give Sakho a chance?

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