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    I am a massive fan & admirer of Bilic & even more so after what he did with us last season. The amount of praise the man get from players passed & present is admirable.

    What has happened this season? He looks a shadow of the manager he was. Unable to motivate players, poor strategies, poor tactics & an unfortunate summer transfer window full of players not giving 100% or not given time to adapt.

    What has gone wrong? Opinions please.

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    Craig Podevin

    I think last year was probably easy to motivate the players. The importance of the season gave a positive vibe all around the club and there was a lot of familiarity last season. This season a lot of things have changed, our summer signings haven’t hit the ground running either.

    I think he somewhat lost some of the dressing room when he persisted with Antonio playing RB, and something seems to have happened to the closeness of the team. I love Slav and will back him every day, but I do completely agree with you.

    I think his biggest problem as a manager is his stubbornness, he needs to listen to his players more.

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