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    Ben Cooper

    Today we received the news that Darren Randolph has pledged his future to the club in signing a new contract. Congratulations Darren!

    I think this is a great bit of business as Randy is a brilliant keeper. I personally cannot decide who should be our preferred keeper for Premier league games. Both he and Adrian have great qualities and I would personally be happy either way.

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    I think Adrian for league games as Darren was poor in my opinion when covering, especially when we beat Man United 3-2 that could have easily been a 3-0 game, same again with Swansea the weak before, he conceded 6 in 2 games.

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    I know it’s an unpopular view but I really don’t rate either of them but if I was pushed I’d still say Adrian (even though he worries me everytime the ball is passed back to his feet).
    If we are really considering ourselves a “top 6” club then we should be looking to get a “top class” keeper in.
    If you compare Randolph/Adrian to De Gea, Courtois, Loris, Cech, Karius or Hart (despite his Euros woes) then I’d say there is a gulf in quality there, where as I dont think the rest of our squad, with a few obvious exceptions (RB, back-up LB & main striker) measures up to badly.

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    I believe Randolph to be a sturdier keeper but Adrian to have the ability to pull off saves that keep us in games the main reason I put Randolph as number one is because of Adrian’s moments of leaping and throwing his arms around the place in occasions where he doesn’t have to. I can’t remember a bad game Randolph has had. I know the two Swansea games and the Utd games were mentioned above but I watched all of those games and would not put the blame on Randolph (Mostly the first Swansea game his nerve got to him a bit) but I do remember Adrian have a few howlers that lost us points against Palace and others which I can’t think of. So all respect to Adrian but Randolph No.1

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    On the face of it I think there is very little to choose between them. However Adrian has the gloves and despite a few scares hasn’t really done anything to deserve dropping in my opinion.

    I’m happy to see him play league games and Randolph play cup games, and if we progress in all competitions he could end up playing a similar amount of games.

    I wouldn’t however want to see them swap about willy-nilly, or one get dropped after having a bad game. I think in the keepers position especially there to be gained by them having the confidence that they know there are playing in the next game. Ideally we’ll have as settled a back 5 as possible and they’ll grow together as the season goes on.

    Defence is probably where I’m concerned most about our season and don’t at present expect too many clean sheets, but the more the back 5 play together to more I expect them to improve.

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