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    Craig Podevin

    I was thinking about West Ham in general and a thought really got my mind going: who are our biggest rivals?

    Arsenal: Apart from being another club in London and being a ‘top 4’ team, is there any actual real rivalry between us?

    Spurs: Same as Arsenal really, except everybody hates Tottenham anyway so there’s added extras.

    Chelsea: Lampard and read back to Spurs.

    Crystal Palace: I actually quite like Palace, if West Ham folded tomorrow I would probably follow Palace a bit more than I do currently (although just for the clarification, I would start supporting one of my local teams Canvey Island Concord Rangers)

    Fulham: I actually quite like Fulham, our former players have done well there recently (Parker, Zamora, Paintsil, Konchesky) and they won over a lot of people getting to that European final!

    Millwall: Are they even a match for us anymore? League One and the Premier League.

    Charlton: Read back to Millwall. Plus have they ever really been a major rival?

    Leyton Orient: Even worse than Millwall and Charlton.

    Southend: Apart from the yearly pre-season game, what else is there in our history? Plus, most Southend fans are closet West Ham fans!

    So BIG question… Who do you consider to be our biggest rivals and why? I personally have a strong dislike for Tottenham and their fans, but I quite like Eriksen and Lloris. Shame they’re at Spurs.

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    Millwall all day long. Don’t matter what league they play in its about the history. Both teams were ‘born’ to be rivals with each other. They started in the East and both teams formed from workers who were competing for business.

    Your right tho everyone hates Spurs.

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      Craig Podevin

      Yeah I suppose you’re right, the history is there with Millwall more than any other club in England. When I went on the Boleyn tour, the guide told us about Millwall also being an ironworks company so we’ve always been rivals like you said.

      Thank for your view 🙂

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