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I was delighted to be able to run another raffle to raise money for the inspirational Isla Caton @islasfight who desperately needs to raise £400k to have an operation in the USA.  West Ham fans have really rallied together behind this cause and this seems to be the only thing uniting West Ham fans at the moment.

A massive thank you to Geo Mackie who made the draws for me and helped to raise the money.  Please if you see your name as a winner in the article please message ExWHUEmployee’s twitter account and make yourself known.

Prize 1 (signed football) @barrycarcas

Prize 2 (zamora football) @philbert59

Prize 3 (Kevin keen photo) @jberwick84

Prize 4 (Carroll noble photo) @jljohnson0829

Prize 5 (randolph and Cresswell photo) @jamesmmitchell

Prize 6 (shirt ) @marting100

Prize 7, signed rice photo which is from me/HC @stephenfullerwhu

A massive thank you to the donated of all the memorabilia who wished to remain anonymous



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