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I was in the pub having a the drinks with mates, A Spurs fan amongst them. They were all praising West Ham’s transfer business this summer. I was absolutely loving it! I was on to my fourth double JD, when one of the lads tore into me regards my anti  Gold and Sullivan stance “Try having Mike ‘ Cashley  ‘ in charge of your Club” said Neil a Newcastle  United fan. Everybody joined in at once,” freebies, Cheapies, loans AND Anderson for £41 million “said another to roars of laughter. I just smiled, absolutely elated we had just signed Felipe Anderson for£41 million. But I had one last punch and it is perhaps an indication of how far we have come. I suddenly turned to the Spurs supporting lad, and with a deadpan expression and quietly said: “Sullivan wants Kane next” For a split second he believed me. Smug? Too bloody right and so we all should be.

Up to now it has been a fantastic window, and everyone deserves praise: Pellegrini, Husillos, …this is hard, Gold and Sullivan. An experienced team working together and West Ham United reaping the benefit. Never in a MILLION YEARS did I think I think The Chairman would fork out 41million for Felipe Anderson. Over and over I snorted :”Pigs will fly before that happens “. Not  happening end of .I  actually felt sorry for people on twitter,  who believed  we would sign Anderson.We deserve  better than this mob, I would say to people .As  far as Gold and Sullivan are concerned, even my biggest critic would have to admit ,more often than not I have been on the money .Without  delving too much into the past ,we are talking about men who leaked various ‘phantom’ bids to the media .Claiming that we were’ closing in’ on this star or that star, Loic Remy(In his prime ),even flying over to seal the deal was one

Since then we have also been on the verge of signing Carvalho, Bacca, Lacazette amongst others. If you go back even further to their Birmingham City days, they were on the verge of signing Diego Maradona. All phantom ‘bids’ .I had already had it all marked down: Diop the ‘marquee’ signing ,Yarmolenko  costing decent money , down to cheapies and freebies and loan after loan. Then the Chairman went against everything they have ever done in their 25 years in football ,they  absolutely smashed their transfer record. It is equivalent of a Jewish or Muslim person going into a Restaurant ,and when the waiter comes for their order saying :”Pork Chops please “I could NOT believe it .The magnitude of the Anderson signing  is enormous for the Football Club .The type of signing that during the passage of time, will see the Club reach the next level. It makes it easier to attract and land future signings, it makes it easier to attract future stars to The Academy. It creates a real buzz around the place, it is not just Anderson, the good news has just kept on pouring in right through the summer Fabianski, Fredericks, Diop, Wilshere, Yarmolenko and of Fabian Balbuena aka The General.

I watch a lot of football, but unlike some on social media, I have not got Brazilian friends who can give me the complete in and outs of Fabian Balbuena. Indeed, I had never heard about The General till the Sunday before he signed. A gamble he most certainly is but in Mario Hussilos we trust. I realize we have spent a lot of money, but the midfield worries me. We could do with a good defensive midfielder and another creative midfielder. Jack Wilshere is an exciting signing and the best midfielder at the Club. But we have to accept facts, every time he goes down we are going to be holding our breath.  If he gets injured for any length of time we are in deep trouble. Still there is still time to address that problem during the window. Everybody seems to be asking the same question: Where are West Ham getting the money, and secondly why are Gold and Sullivan suddenly spending dough like there is no tomorrow?

Some think there will be a sting in the tail, and Arnautovic will be sold to help fund the deals. I thought long and hard about this one and it does not stack up. Do you really think that a managerial big beast like Manuel Pellegrini, will agree to the sale of Arnautovic just to balance the books? This is a manager that demanded we sign Anderson regardless of the cost, a man who wants the training ground upgraded immediately. The only way I can see Arnautovic being sold is if we do get a big bid, Sullivan phones Pellegrini and tells him about the bid. Pellegrini MAY say:”Mr Chairman, sell but make sure you land me targets A, B, C before we sell”. For all we know the manager may think, that Arnautovic, is 30 peaked this season, and does not suit the style of intricate football he wants to play. I’m Not saying it IS the case, what I’m fairly certain about though, it will be entirely Manuel Pellegrini’s call if the player stays or goes. At the moment it looks like Arnie will be staying, whether his brother likes it or not. I personally thought that Gold and Sullivan were spending dough willy nilly because a takeover was on the way. However, at this moment in time, a peaceful Brexit is more likely than a takeover.

I have also seen suggestions that they are spending money, as they do not want a repeat of Burnley last season. At Gold and Sullivan’s age, they could do without the extra hassle for sure. But any notion that the Burnley game, ‘frightened’ the Owners is simply not true. You are talking about people who are no novices to anti Board protest, they have seen it all before at Birmingham City. Indeed, judging by the way, they ‘sneaked’ into the London Stadium wearing flat caps, suggest they loved playing the part of the villains of the show. So yes, the Burnley game may well have partially influenced G&S to invest the way they have. Another factor may simply be Sullivan’s sons believe it or not. I have followed the progress of Jack Sullivan, with the ladies’ team and he has done a fantastic job. Always signing players and really wants to be the best, a real get up and go attitude. A young man who by all accounts sleeps, eats and drinks football will no doubt have a opinion of his own, as far as running a football Club is concerned, voicing his opinions to his Dad.

It may be a simple that with Gold himself, at the age of 82 wanted one last shot of winning his long-cherished dream of winning the FA Cup. Who knows what it is that made Gold and Sullivan suddenly decide to come out and back Pellegrini so well. But in doing so they have given all West Ham fans the right to live the dream. Next level will take time, but the platform has been laid for us to reach our goal. So much to talk about and be excited about, next time out we will talk about Pellegrini and the fantastic impact he has had at The Club. I am unrepentant regards my opinion of Gold and Sullivan. I will still be watching them like a hawk, but we have to accept if we stay divided we will achieve nothing. The Board have delivered at last, time to be truly West Ham United. Time to heal, time to dream, We are more than a football club, we’re a way of life! COYI!!


Edited by Alun Cornock.


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